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Hello - Welcome to the fascinating and surprisingly widespread world of Narrow Gauge Railways.


Our members’ interests cover a broad spectrum, in the UK and throughout the world, including industrial narrow gauge systems, the extensive world of preservation, and the growing area of miniature railways.  


Our membership page expands on what we offer members. The regular publications provide extensive news coverage of every type of narrow gauge and miniature line at home and overseas, whether operated by steam, diesel or electric power.


Our magazine provides in-depth articles of historical interest as well as coverage of modern developments. We also maintain an extremely extensive reference library from which members may borrow.


If you are fortunate enough to live near one of our active Area Groups you will be able to attend regular meetings, and all members are invited to join us on organised visits to places of interest, and our AGM.  

Since the formation of our Society in 1951, interest in narrow gauge railways has grown in leaps and bounds, and this has been reflected in the expansion of our membership.

What was envisaged as being a small correspondence group of specialist enthusiasts has grown to a large international society with a truly global outlook.


Alan Burgess




Something new for our 65th Anniversary year.

The Narrow Gauge Railway Society has just published a reprint of a Robert Hudson’s “Light Railway Material” from 1915. The Society has probably the largest collection of books, magazines, catalogues, plans and other  material on narrow gauge railways existing in the UK and this 92 page catalogue was sent free to all Society members in March

Go to our Book Sales page for more details and to see other book offers.

If you are a member, please tell your non-member friends of this additional benefit if they join the Society. And if you’re not a member, then why not join us and you may receive this reprint.



Vacancies - The Society has a need to fill certain vacancies so a new Society Vacancies Word file has been set up. See the link and have a chat, perhaps you have something to offer (up to date as of 18/9/16 despite the file name)



Trade orders for our magazines are welcome :

We offer 40% discount, settlement within 30 days. On orders for six or more (can be mixed) post and packing is free; for fewer than six, postage will be charged at cost.  

Contact Narrow Gauge Railway Society, 115a Church Street, Ecclesfield, Sheffield S35 9WF or email Phil Thompson













I am sorry to let you know that Stan Owen died peacefully last Thursday (13th April).  Yours, Lyn Duffus (Stan's wife) 

Stan was a member for 25 years+ and Lawson will arrange for an obituary notice to appear here and in the July Narrow Gauge News. (May issue has gone to press). 


Our 66th AGM will be held over the weekend of 13-14th May 2017 at Hesketh Bank, Lancashire.

Formal notice, voting form, details of the visits taking place over the weekend and other information is available via the Member News page. More will follow in due course.



Summer Visits

At the moment seven visits have been agreed, possibly with more to come, and all details, together with the rules for participants can be found from the latest Society Visits Form.



NGRS Offer to Members and Potential Members:

The NGRS has retained an offer for the first quarter of 2017. 

Please see the following links for further details.

 The 71/4" Gauge Society Offer to NGRS Members   



 Index to NGRS Publications:

The Index to NGRS Publications 2016 has been issued and is available via this link, or together with 2015 and 2014 indexes from the Downloads page.



NGRS - The Company:

You will find that a new page has been placed in the Contents on the left which informs you of the history and reasons we formed a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2016.

From this page you will find other links to the Articles of Association, Company Directors, Committee Members, the new Constitution and other related information.

If you think the page is missing any information, please advise a committee member. 



NGRS facebook:                     

A Narrow Gauge Railway Society Facebook Group went live in 2015 and by 2016 we already had over 480 members. There have already been several lively exchanges and some interesting photos posted. The URL to find the group is:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/NGRSoc/   or from within Facebook simply search Narrow Gauge Railway Society. If you are already a Facebook member please have a look and join the group, or if not a member consider signing up in order to join our group. It would be good if you could share the link with any of your friends or contacts who may be interested in joining.

The more members the group gets, the more interesting and useful it will become.


Click here to join Yahoo Groups

Exchange Narrow Gauge news and

views - join 'Yahoo Groups' and look up NGRailwaySociety

 If you are already a Yahoo Groups member, just click the NGRailwaySociety link. If not, click NGRS Group Messages then on 'Conversations' to view the correspondence..

For those who are not aware, members of these Groups are encouraged to submit observations and information - you can search for any information you want and ask other members for information and help. This reaches a wide like-minded audience and even if you have a difficult question, there's always someone out there who has the answer. 



DISCLAIMER : We make every effort to ensure all the details on our web site are correct and up to date.

       However we take no responsibility for loss due to inaccuracies on these pages.

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