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Below is a different Search panel, one aimed at listing by groups of Gauge, Traction, Units, Hauled Stock etc.


1. Select Search Field 1 and

   enter your search criteria.


2. Only select Search Field 2 and

    enter Criteria to narrow your

    search further.


3. Click Gauge and Traction buttons

    to restrict results further. Click

    No Locos to search for stock only

     ie.to exclude locos from search.


4. You may select particular Stock

    by clicking the button of choice.

    Click No xxx to search for Locos



5. Click "Search Database" and if

    your search takes too long, be

   ready to click "Stop" and see why!

Gauge :     All   or  Above Std     Std     NG     Miniature   

                             Monorail       Unknown      

Loco Traction:  All    Steam    Diesel    Electric     or   No Locos


 Units  All  or  DMUs  EMUs   Tube   Trams     or  No Units

 Hauled  All  or Coaches    NPCCs    Wagons      or  Not Hauled

       Plant    All          or        No Plant


You can initially try this wild-search if you wish.
From the results you can put specific information, such as 'Works Number' into a search box above for the full record.


     All      Works Plates    Counties

Results of the 'Wild Card' search will appear here in order, but you must first insert your Criteria!!


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